Tuesday, July 3, 2012

CSA Share Week #4

Note to Cooperstown members: the distribution site has had to change this week. Please see the e-mail sent out to members for alternate site information.

The farm tries to make sure each share has a good showing of familiar veggies in the mix. As the weeks go on, more and more of summer’s favorites, like cucumbers and tomatoes and green beans, should start appearing. But, as many of our CSA members tell us, they also like that belonging to a CSA pushes them out of their comfort zone—inspires them to try something new, something they wouldn’t buy in the supermarket or, in the case of this week’s Treviso radicchio, something they may not ever even find in the supermarket. 
Native to Italy, this form of chicory is so rich in color and texture and character. We had to take a picture. Unlike the more common ball-shaped radicchio, this is oblong in shape. Since it’s not necessarily “native” to most of our home refrigerators, we’ve provided a web link below for some general information and an assortment of recipes.

 In this week’s share:

1# sugar snap peas
1 green cabbage
1 bunch radish
1 bunch parsley
7 ounces (.44 lbs.) salad mix (mixed baby greens)
1 Treviso radicchio
5 ounces spicy greens mix (good for salad or stir fries)
summer squash*

*We are rotating the kind of summer squash members receive. All of the squash-- zucchini, golden zucchini, patty pan squash, and Mid-East or cousa-type squash (variety Magda). All of them cook similarly. Great sautéed, roasted, grilled. The patty pans can be stuffed. The Mid-East, light green squash is known for its nutty flavor. 

Fruit Share:

For city and JCC members, refer to your CSA newsletter for specifics. Local and Cooperstown members will not have a fruit share this week because of the changed holiday schedule, but hang tight--peaches are on their way!!

Radicchio: The Martha Stewart web site offers a nice overview of radicchio and a wide spectrum of ways it can be cooked. There is a slaw recipe that could work with this week’s radicchio and cabbage. There is also an interesting recipe in which the radicchio is “grilled” on a grill pan and has grated fontina tucked and melted between its leaves.

Sugar snap peas are terrific eaten whole—pod and all—and are sweetest eaten raw. They make a great snack.

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